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In 2008 Cat6a became ratified (to sign or give formal consent for official validation) and therefore the first cabling suitable for 10-gigabit transmission over the standard, permanent link distance of 90 meters. Similarly, to Cat5e and Cat6, the cable consists of 8 separate cores split into 4 sets of colours. Cat6a’s predecessor was the Cat6 cable – the ‘a’ in this new cable stands for Augmented.

Unlike its predecessor Cat6a cables have a thicker outer jacket, tighter twists as well as an internal divider to segregate each pair and larger internal airspace. The cables are therefore slightly bigger but the result is noise reduction facilitated by all the newly improved elements. With a maximum frequency of 500MHZ Cat6a has increased from Cat6 cable at 250MHZ and an increase from Cat5e transmitting at 100MHZ.

Previously Cat6 was only capable of 10 Gigabits up to 55m and therefore, rarely considered for 10 Gigabit network design. However Cat6a allows 10 Gigabit over 90m and is therefore a preferred option for the majority of cabling jobs.

We receive a lot of queries on its cost per unit. Like most cabling jobs there are many factors that are relevant and which can affect the price; structure, scheduling and total number of outlets. It is always recommended to be as descriptive as possible when speaking with a specialist about your requirements. Although it may be tempting to look for the cheapest quote it is worth considering the company’s engineering capabilities, previous projects and installations, what brand of connectivity they propose to install and is it compliant for your particular project their expertise and ability to provide a highly skilled service. Like most specialised work, unless you hire the correct personnel, the work could become very expensive if there is a problem or at worst, re installation if necessary.

UTL Group can provide the cabling, specialist engineers for this work and a guaranteed, professional service.

For more information, please call a member of the Cabling Team.