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Good business owners look for cost effective and efficient products that can help their businesses excel and office phones are no exception. Bad quality calls can give a poor brand image, cause inefficient communication and leave a customer, or potential customer with a negative impression. There are certain things your service provider can and should do, such as designing the network in a way that minimises problems. Good planning and monitoring will help maximize your call quality across your system. With IP phones being the most effective handsets for business, it’s surprising that some companies are still not aware of all their benefits.

VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Unlike using telephone lines, all data is divided into packets that then travel over IP networks and is reconfigured at the destination. The phones allow you to stay connected from any location at any time from any device as long as you have a connection to the internet.

What are the top 3 key benefits of VoIP?

Allows You To Save Money!

As there are only so many lines that can be installed, placing a call over tradition phone lines can be extremely expensive, especially if they are long distance. By using an IP phones it allows all calls to be made over the internet and makes domestic and international calls much cheaper.

Service Mobility!

Most of us at the moment are working from home as well as in the office. Traditional phones have a line that runs either into offices or a home and has its own unique number. Whilst it is possible to transfer calls to different numbers it can be very time consuming and problematic.

Using an IP system there are no limitations to where or when you can call and from what number it might come from. You are able to link your handset to your mobile phone and computer or laptop using certain apps and can even use these apps to make conference calls. You are able to stay connected to your staff and customers what ever the circumstances.

Easy To Integrate And Saves Time!

Integrating IP phones to a business’s existing infrastructure is very easy. With a lot of helpful features, IP telephony makes tasks quicker and tasks that were once time consuming become simple and easier. This will help improve productivity within the work space. The phones will allow instant connectivity between staff, allowing your customer service to improve, as information can be accessed, sent and received at a much faster pace.

Don’t let your business suffer by not moving to a VoIP Telephony system.