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If you have been on top of a mountain or in the middle of an ocean, you probably experienced a signal issue! Due to cell towers’ design and ability for only a small area coverage, it is understandable that getting a signal is not always possible.

There have been a few conversations on the internet regarding Apple’s development of two new features that will facilitate communication via satellite connection.

An emergency message will appear on iPhones as grey bubbles instead of the standard blue and green messages. This facility will allow a message to be sent where no cellular connectivity is possible. There will also be an option to send any medical information (stored on your device) to assist emergency services.

The other new feature (allegedly to be made available on Apple iPhones) is a facility to help users quickly report a major emergency such as a plane/helicopter crash or an endangered ship. Users will be able to send specific information such as details of the attack/accident and requirement for specific services. It is very exciting news but unlikely to be available for at least another year or two.

We believe that these are great and innovative ideas. Please let us know your thoughts on satellite connectivity via our social media pages. Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading