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As many of us are still working from home, it’s important to remember to stay on top of things and make sure to not slip into bad habits allowing yourself to feel unmotivated and down. Here are some of our favourite tips to keep your work mentality strong.

  1. KEEP A ROUTINE! Wake up on time, get ready and into work(ish) clothes rather than lazing around in your all day! Keep yourself in the mentality that you’re going to work rather than working from home.
  2. DRINK WATER! It’s easy to forget, especially when there are so many other options but having a glass of water to sip on can help your body in many ways. Water helps improve memory, mood, can reduce sugar cravings and reduces headaches and migraines
  3. MAKE YOURSELF AN ‘OFFICE’ SPACE! If possible, try to create a work space that’s separate from your normal living spaces. Avoiding beds and sofas will help keep your energy and concentration levels up too! The key is to stay motivated so if you’re lucky enough to have a nice view out of a window, set up your work station there.
  4. STAY CONNECTED! Don’t forget about your co-workers, everyone is in this together and it’s completely normal to sometimes feel a bit lost or uninterested in your work. When these feelings arise, take five and get some fresh air as well as making a quick call to a college or even a friend to take your mind off of what you’re working on.
  5. TAKE A BREAK! It’s okay to give yourself a few minutes away from the desk, take regular fresh air breaks to keep your mind focussed and on track.
  6. SET YOURSELF GOALS! Making a to do list can help you stay focussed and on target with jobs and time sensitive projects. If you have a physical to do list it can be a constant reminder as well as a satisfactory feeling when your able to cross a task off the list.
  7. BE KIND TO YOURSELF! This year has been tough for everyone, so remember to look after yourself and don’t feel like your alone through all this madness! It’s OK to not feel normal but hopefully it won’t be too long before we get back to life before COVID-19!

Stay safe!