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Making sure your business security is secure and works effectively can be a challenging job. With the constant risk of hackers, untrustworthy employees or unwanted visitors corrupting or ruining your business, it’s best to always be on track and focused. Even with the top end products and software, some companies will make minor mistakes that could play out to be an extremely high and costly error.

Here are a few suggestions for you to look into and make sure not to overlook when you’re next taking a look at your business’s security.

Don’t allow staff to have simple and predictable passwords!

Using a password such as 12345, Password or Password1 is just as safe as not having a password at all. You should try to make your password a unique combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (such as ! @ £ %). A lot of people use the same password for every device and account they own, which is definitely easier to remember but in the case of an account being hacked, this could lead to all your profiles being at risk rather than just the one. Its always a good idea to have a ‘work’ password that is separate from your private, just in case.

Identify what the correct security is for you!

Every Business is different and will need a diverse set up for security. Most people are not sure which elements they should be prioritising and which they might not benefit from. Speaking to the correct people is essential when looking for the right security for your business. Reaching out to an expert can save you time and money short and long term.

Don’t let managers bypass security checks!

This may be something that you don’t believe is happening in your business but it’s always worth checking in with managers so that you are certain the process is happening as its meant to. It’s very easy for high end members of a business to just skip security, allowing them to enter any part of a building or site without any record. Unfortunately, in order for these protocols and access controls to work and be accurate, everyone has to take part and follow the same rules, even the boss! If you are aware that a member of staff needs to access a certain room or part of the building, make sure you grant them access to these areas so that there are no excuses for someone to not stick to the rules.

Monitor your computers properly!

Make sure the computers that hold access and control others are secure before all else. You should ensure that your computers are protected by using passwords and security software to prevent hackers. Monitoring the activity of all computers that have control over other devices or access to important information is a must and can highlight suspicious behaviour before anything has gone wrong. Preferably you should keep your main computer/s in a safe and secure location where only those who need access, have it.

Place your cameras in the most effective areas onsite!

It’s all well and good paying for the best high-resolution cameras and security software, but if the cameras are not placed in the correct areas you might as well not have bothered. You should place your cameras as discreetly as possible so they don’t attract unwanted attention. We recommend that you also keep them at a reasonable height so you can capture a larger amount of your site on one camera. This will allow a larger area to be covered and recorded as well as minimise the chance of cameras overlapping, meaning there is less chance of a staff member or trespasser being out of site at any time.

These our just a few of many things that you should be thinking about in regards to your security solutions as a business owner. For more information on anything security related, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or call.