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With the world of technology constantly evolving, it is extremely important to make sure you can support your IT network. Your data cabling infrastructure must be able to facilitate your current demands but also be future-proofed enough to allow your business to grow and deal with the requirements of advancements in technology.

The performance of any data cabling network is not solely reliant on just the cable itself; there are many other factors that are important. The choice of components such as switches, patch panels, and modules is also vital, so getting the correct advice is paramount. Above all, it is essential that all the components of the data network are installed correctly and professionally and that the whole system is tested and certified by competent engineers.

Another key area often forgotten is the planning stage. It is crucial that you take time with your installer to plan your network for your current needs and to highlight any future requirements so they can ensure it has the capacity for expansion.

Finally maintaining your network is equally important. There is nothing worse than walking into a messy comms room, or office environment with cables running everywhere. Keeping things organised and having things clearly labeled will make any moves and changes far easier and ensure your equipment and your staff are working efficiently at all times.

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of your structured data cabling requirements with a member of our cabling team, please don’t hesitate to call us on 08000 43 42 41.