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Many of us already have a favourite when it comes to an Apple or Microsoft Windows Computer. However, when looking at the facts and prices, which computer do you feel is better suited for an office or home worker?

To get a better understanding of what brand is best suited and why, we should look into the features, hardware, software support, capabilities, appearance and of course how well it suits your business needs.

Both machines give the user an option to use the computer without signing in. Although this may seem quicker and easier, you do miss out on a lot of features such as syncing machines, messages and voice assistance.

The high-end versions of Mac and Windows both have the capability to log in through finger prints and of course passwords. Apple allows you to also log in through your iPhone or Apple watch, if it’s within a certain radius of the Mac. Though, Windows have definitely taken it to the next level with ‘Face login’ which allows you to set your face as the password. I am sure this is something that Apple are working on and will soon introduce in the Mac upgrades, but Windows already have this incredible feature. Windows also have the Start button which facilitates ease of access to Apps and documents. It’s a shame that Apple don’t have something similar as it’s a very useful feature.

With respect to design, Apple’s creations are stunning but unfortunately expensive with a large screen. Windows PCs offer a much better and diverse selection.

In terms of storage, CPU and graphics, Windows are infinitely better. Apple only offer the bare minimum with the option to pay for upgraded storage if needed.

When downloading and using Apps on these machines, both have great options. Apps such as mail, calendar, calculator, photo and video viewing as well as web browsing are easily accessible and usable on both devices. In this case Macs tend to have a better range of Apps and utilities that Windows does not offer. These include their very own free video editing App and music service. Not to mention Garage band for anyone who may want to create the next number one hit from their bedroom!

For some people who have grown up with Windows but transferred to Macs, they may still prefer programs such as Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel. This is not a problem as you can download a version that is compatible for a Mac.

Using a Mac alongside other Apple products can be extremely useful. The devices (once synced) allow you to interchange from one device to another. You can even send web pages from your phone to your PC too. Windows do have a similar feature with the Launcher and your phone Apps, which allows you to share documents and web pages between devices. Apple also has the ability to take a photo on one device and have it instantly accessible on all linked devices plus watches that can unlock the Macs as well as have notification pop ups for alerts.

All these points considered, Windows may be a more suited option for the standard office worker who needs a higher amount of storage, although someone who is a little more creative, the Mac would be a perfect fit.

Both computers have their pros and cons but ultimately it is about looking at what you need from a device and which one will help support you and you career.