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Over the past few years, Document Management Software (DMS) technology has constantly been evolving. The mind-numbing task of physically sorting through and organising all of your documents and files can now become a thing of the past. With so many benefits, such as increasing staff productivity, saving space and increasing document security; scanning your documents using a DMS solution is a must.

Scanning documents is becoming more and more common and is standard procedure in many larger companies. Although you may feel it’s safer and easier to manage and store documents physically, it’s not always the best option. Even smaller businesses can benefit hugely from using a DMS solution.

With the world constantly developing at such a fast pace, you need your business to be ready for whatever the future holds. It’s important to be prepared for a digital world, regardless of your industry and company size. Some companies and potential clients require their documents to be stored on secure managed software to guarantee safety of their files. If you don’t move with the times and adapt, you could find yourself being left behind and losing sales opportunities.

One of the main issues businesses face is staff time management. With a to-do list that’s never ending, office hours that never seem to be long enough, a DMS solution will allow your staff to cut down the time they waste organising and sharing their documents or trying to pull out a document from a specific time period or for a specific client. Most employees will take between 10-15 minutes searching for a file that they could access in seconds on a computer with the correct software. As long as the files are saved with a consistent Meta Tag (snippets of text and/or numbers that describe a documents content), searching for documents becomes quick and painless; and an extra bonus is that you don’t have to refile anything you have pulled out.

With all operating buildings, there is chance of fires and/or malicious damage, meaning there is risk of some or all of your physical data being destroyed, lost or stolen. If you chose to keep files on a DMS system, you eliminate these risks; not only protecting your own files but also giving your customers, suppliers and any other third party organisations you deal with, the comfort that their data is safe too.

Storing paper takes up large amounts of space, either in your offices or at a storage facility. Having more space in the office or reducing storage costs is always going to be beneficial. With a DMS solution, all your documents, files and records are stored in a digital format that’s easy to search and access should you ever need them; with physical and/or virtual digital data storage being so cheap, your storage potential is limitless.

Finally using a DMS solution helps you reduce your carbon footprint and helps save the planet by reducing the amount of paper that you as a business use on a day to day basis. In addition, by moving to digital storage, you will reduce the extra energy requirement to keep the area you store your archived paper documents, dry, warm, illuminated and secure.

If you do ever need a physical copy of a document, you just print one off!