• Beth Arnold

Reason to Why your Fibre Keeps Dropping

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Using Fibre Optic cables can not only help you with greater bandwidth and faster speed, but it’s also more cost-effective and flexible for the future. With Fibre Optic cables being thinner and lighter in weight it allows the cable to resist more pull pressure than copper, meaning it is much less likely to break. That being said, Fibre optic cable is extremely fragile compared to copper and if not handled correctly, could result in permanent damage.

Experiencing a drop out from your connection could be caused by one of many things. Always consider the easy fix first, such as signal loss or a faulty connection. The issue could be something as simple as physical stress and extreme bending resulting in broken fibres or experiencing signal loss due to too many splices or connectors. Another thing you can try is cleaning both ends of the fibre. Fibre networks cannot perform at their best when a connector end-face is contaminated with dirt or dust, which causes loss and reflections. For some perspective, a human hair is typically around 60-micrometres in diameter but it only takes a 9-micrometre speck of dust (not even visible to the human eye) to totally block a fibre core.

If you are experiencing Fibre Optic malfunctions and need to speak with a member of our cabling department, please don’t hesitate to call us on 08000 43 42 41

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